Disney Store Grand Opening

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Disney Store

Unlock your imagination.....the magic is here! The Disney Store at Westfield Stratford City is now open. As well as featuring exclusive Disney-branded merchandise, the Store brings to life Disney's most beloved characters and stories, providing children with the best 30 minutes of their day.

The Disney Store at Westfield Stratford City features an award-winning new concept store design and hosts free daily events for children and an exciting array of magical moments to experience - all along with the store's high energy Cast Members.

Key new features and experiences in the new store include:

*  A unique Opening Ceremony will take place every day in the Store. One lucky child will be chosen each day to take part in the Opening Ceremony and officially ‘Unlock Imagination'. A giant clock on the What's New Board will count down to the opening moment by revealing 12 Disney characters. A special appearance by Tinker Bell will bring the Store to life as the child turns the key in the Imagination Lock and officially opens the Store. Every child who opens the Store will receive an exclusive gift - a scaled replica of the Imagination Key.

*  Trees line the path of the sparkling Pixie Dust Path that takes you on a journey through the Store. The trees feature unique Disney animation that constantly changes throughout the day and during the festive season, this includes clips from Disney's most loved Christmas films.

*  Seven Disney Princesses make an appearance in the Magic Mirror in the Disney Princess Castle. Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Tiana each have their own short stories that they tell when they are brought to life by little princesses in the Store.

*  The Disney Skyline surrounding the Store gives the illusion that you are at the centre of a bigger, more magical world. The Skyline includes landmarks from around the world that have featured in Disney films, such as Big Ben (Peter Pan) and the Notre Dame (Hunchback of Notre Dame).

*  The Disney Store Theatre houses a giant screen. Children can choose from over 50 clips on the Imagination Station which can then be watched on the screen. The Theatre also hosts a number of free events. These events, which will take place most days, include animation classes, storytelling experiences, trivia quizzes and ‘showtime' - an event in which children can learn to sing and dance like their favourite characters.  In addition, the Imagination Parade allows kids to re-enact a Disney parade through the Store. Events are advertised on the electronic What's New Board in the front window of the Store.

*  Within the Disney Store Theatre, special occasions are also celebrated. Children's birthdays, the birth of a new child or the passing of exams are just some of the celebrations that can be recognised. The child's name will appear on the giant screen with store-wide celebrations including special music and firework animations in the trees. A free badge or certificate is also given to the child as a keepsake of their special day or achievement.

*  The Imagination Explosion, a signature moment that magically happens at any given point, features an appearance from Tinker Bell. As the Disney villains appear on the trees, it is her job, along with the young children in store at that time, to banish these in favour of the Disney heroes.

*  At closing time, every day, the sun sets on the Store, as remaining guests are wished farewell in the Closing Ceremony.