We have worked collectively with Urban Planters and Timberland to open an accessible and biodiverse nature reserve at Westfield London, launching a three-year sustainable partnership to support local schools and residents. A pioneering space, it has been designed to feature a range of diverse horticultural areas and forms part of our ongoing commitment to the local area.

The nature reserve hosts a variety of different areas including a wildflower meadow, insect hotels, beehives, fruit trees, vegetable beds, herbs and a pond area. Located behind the Southern Terrace at Westfield London, it showcases different methods for growing fruits and vegetables to help visitors learn about sustainable food growing and the importance of caring for our environment.

"We couldn’t be happier with the partnership which we believe is the start of something really special. The space itself is a great place for local schools to learn about why being in nature is so important, not only for the future of our planet, but also our mental and physical health.

This space gives us a platform to educate the local community on how they can make small changes on a grassroots level which together contribute towards a greener London.”

- Andrea Simmen, Timberland

We worked with our London Access Group to design a safe and accessible space for visitors, providing practical guidance on all elements of the nature reserve, including modifying the heights of vegetable planters, signage design and accessibility of pathways.

This is to ensure visitors, made up of students from local specialist schools such as Jack Tizard School and Queensmill School, can use the space. These organisations support young people with special educational needs. Students will be invited to explore the space and offered the opportunity to learn about the importance of nature, biodiversity and horticulture.

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