Sky 4D VR

Sky 4D VR

Day Date Time
Friday 22 Sep
Saturday 23 Sep

Come and try the never-before-seen Virtual Reality experience at Sky on the First Floor. It’s a multi-sensory experience in which participants will hear, see and feel Sky’s iconic content come to life and allows everyone to lose themselves in entertainment like never before. 

This never-before-seen Virtual Reality experience will give Game of Thrones buffs the sense of the searing heat of dragon fire. F1 fanatics will experience the ground shaking beneath their feet as cars roar past with just inches to spare. And football fans will dive into the role of a Premier League goalkeeper. Packed with 4D elements; you feel the air rush past you, the heat on your face and the ground move beneath your feet giving a truly epic feel.

To make the experience even more unforgettable, participants’ reactions are filmed so they can be shared with friends over social media, and there’s also a chance to win an amazing HTC VIVE VR headset and Deluxe Audio Headstrap.