Try these 5 new classes at GYMBOX!

Try these 5 new classes at GYMBOX!


Gridiron - Hut hut hut...up your game in this HIIT based training session, focusing on American football drills to develop fitness, strength, mobility and endurance. You don't need to be an athlete to take this class – you'll build strength and endurance to be at the top of your game. - Thursday 6:00pm

Death Row - A killer 45 minute rowing workout mixing intervals with dynamic strength exercises. The workout deliberately pushes you to your mental and physical limits and kills your excuses.- Tuesday 7:30pm, Westfield London

Chakralise A yoga class focussing on the seven chakras, starting from the root chakra and moving up through the body in a seven week rotation. Using colours and sounds specific to each chakra realign your body and balance out your energy flow. - Thursday 6:30pm

Mat Beats - A choreographed Pilates workout to a deep house soundtrack using the beat of the music to bring focus to your breathing and improve your core strength and flexibility. - Monday 6:00pm

Snow Motion - Work on your muscular strength, stability and explosive power ready to hit the slopes this winter. A class combining strength, flexibility and endurance using ski ergs, sleds and slow motion strength training. - Tuesday 6:45pm